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 Workshop on EU Horizon 2020

This workshop will provide insights into Horizon 2020 as a Research and Innovation instrument (funding areas, participation rules, specific funding instruments), opportunities under 2017 Calls (particularly focusing on ICT-39-2017) and what is involved in co-designing a proposal. The ICT-39-2017 call provides an opportunity for multidisciplinary teams incorporating thematic experts (e.g., Health, Agriculture, Environment) and ICT experts to co-design an Innovation Action based on end-user requirements in sub-Saharan Africa. With regards to the ICT39-2017, the workshop would also be an opportunity to brainstorm on the following:

a) Which thematic areas are most relevant for Mauritius and why?

b) What are the end-user needs for each of the specific thematic areas short-listed

c) Who are the key stakeholders that should be consulted (e.g. public, private, education and research and societal sector organisations) for each of the short listed thematic areas?

d) Who are the key stakeholders that could undertake the project work and what work exactly could they do? It could be that one partner is directly involved in a specific project work and other stakeholders are beneficiaries of the results and participate in pilot actions to test the solution.

e) For each of the thematic areas short-listed, what other African countries should be involved in addition to the necessary European countries and why?

f) What European organisations has your organisation already engaging with in relation to the thematic areas selected? Please follow up with your colleagues in relation to this prior to the workshop to identify formal and informal relationships that can be leveraged.

Click to download an overview of the ICT39-2017-Call

Target Audience

A mix of thematic expertise (e.g. Health, Agriculture, Environment, and other themes relevant for Mauritius) and ICT experts as Innovation
  Actions need both types of expertise.

• Senior staff members and researchers from relevant national institutions and Universities that have capacity to undertake Research and 

• Senior representative from relevant department within the Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Education, eGovernment, etc. as they could
  provide important insight into what types of innovation actions would be most relevant for Mauritius and types of applications that would
  complement what already exists or is planned in the short term.

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