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 IT Household Survey 1998

Computer Ownership : An Information Technology Survey conducted by the NCB in 1998 revealed that computer ownership in the Island of Mauritius was 11.4%.

This represented a change of 6.8 % from that of 1997 (4.6 %).

The objectives of the study were:
  • to assess the level of computer ownership in the island of Mauritius
  • to identify households computer user
  • to understand the household computer usage
  • to assess the perception of the general public on the Infotech
Geographical cleavage : The changes in computer ownership level within the two regions is illustrated in the following table
    May 97    Feb 98  Change    Increase
Urban     8.8%  17.0%  8.2            93.1%
Rural     1.6%   6.7%  5.1     318.8%
Gap     7.2%  10.3%
Households equipment level : The survey indicated that the CD-ROM drive was the most common accessory within households owning a computer where 44% were equipped, with that device.

Most frequent computer user : Children were the most frequent user of computer in 70% of the households owning a computer. The 'male adults' was the second group of most frequent user (18%) within the households owning a computer.
The table below shows most frequent computer user.


Male Adult
Female Adult

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