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National Computer Board>Digital Signature Certificate in Mauritius

 Digital Signature Certificate in Mauritius

Brief on Certification Authority Set up
A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) ecosystem involves issuance of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) that subscribers can use to sign digital records or transactions. The issuance process of Digital Signature Certificate involves multiple stakeholders such as Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Certifying Authority (CA) and Registration Authority (RA/Reseller). CCA regulation of Mauritius allows a Foreign Certifying Authority to issue DSC in Mauritius and such Foreign CA shall have a Local Agent (LA) who shall be responsible for Technology and Compliance aspects of the DSC issuance process.

Mauritian PKI Ecosystem
As part of the PKI Ecosystem established in Mauritius, e-Mudhra Consumer Services Ltd has been recognized by the Controller of Certification Authority (CCA) as the first foreign and the only current Certifying Authority in Mauritius, based upon the criteria set out in the Electronic Transactions (Certification Authorities) Regulations 2010 (“Regulations”).
The National Computer Board (NCB) is partnering with eMudra as its Local Agent in Mauritius to carry out the business of Digital Certificates Processing for individuals and organisations in Mauritius.
The Mauritius Post Limited (MPL) is acting as a Registration Authority (RA) for the issuance of Digital Signature Certificates in Mauritius.


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