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FREE Programmes for SMEs - Digital Marketing, 3D Printing Technology and Innovation

FREE Programmes for SMEs - Digital Marketing, 3D Printing Technology and Innovation
Date: June 12, 2019
Domain:E-Powering Business


Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are encouraged to register with the National Computer Board (NCB) to benefit from free programmes including trainings & workshops organised in view of the adoption of new technologies and digital marketing for expanding their client and market base.

All registered MSMEs who are actively involved in manufacturing and production will be invited to attend workshops and follow in-depth and hands-on training which NCB organises. Besides this, you will find out about non-commercial free software which you can adopt and discover the various schemes grants made available to MSMEs by Government such as for having an online presence and e-commerce. For the month of June 2019, NCB is organising:


Digital & Social Media Marketing (DSMM) Adoption of 3D Design & Printing

Workshop on “Digital & Social Media Marketing” on 27 June 2019 (preferably for women-led MSMEs). The workshop will be followed by 5 days of hands-on training for selected MSMEs.

Women entrepreneurs will have concrete take away action lines for adopting social media and digital marketing for expanding and diversifying their client and market base.

The hands-on training will initiate MSMEs to the creation of a web site, social media pages such as on Facebook & Pinterest, methods of online marketing, building up skills in graphic and video production as well as the adoption of E-commerce.

Workshop on “Adoption of 3D Design & Printing” on 28 June 2019, followed by 2 weeks of technical training.
The programme aims at encouraging MSMEs to adapt to new methods of digital design and 3 D production.
Computer Aided Design /  Manufacturing (CAD / CAM) & 3D Printing allows enterprises to adopt small agile production runs and reduce their testing/prototyping process as well as costs.
The hands-on technical training will be done at our 3D Printing Centre in Coromandel which offers free design and printing services to SMEs

Registration Form :

Download Form : Submit by email to or fax on 212-424

OR Fill on-line form at 

For additional information, you may also call the NCB on 210-550





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