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 Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber Caravan

How do I apply for the Cyber Caravan facilities ?

Booking for the Cyber Caravan can be made by:-


Writing to the National Computer Board:
The Executive Director
Attention: Mrs Joanne Esmyot
National Computer Board
7th Floor, Stratton Court
La Poudrière Street,
Port Louis
Office: 210 5520 - Fax: 212 4240


Sending a request by E-mail to:



Is training offered on the NCB Cyber Caravans MQA Approved ?

The IC3 course offered in the Cyber Caravans is MQA Approved.

What kind of Training is offered in the Cyber Caravans offer?

The Cyber Caravan Project aims at making IT facilities available in all regions in Mauritius specifically those who do not have a computer

The National Computer Board operates three Cyber Caravans equipped with 9, 10 and 21 respectively. The Cyber Caravans are used to dispense ICT Training to children, students, unemployed, women, staff of private organisations, planters, farmers and senior citizens around the island.

Two types of trainings are conducted in the Cyber Caravans:-

(i) ICT Awareness Course (Free Initiation) 2 hours Per Batch
(ii) IC3 (Rs750 per participant, however free for senior citizens) and Charitable Organisation 3 Modules – 45 hourse


The ICT trainings are conducted in the Cyber Caravan at the premises of social welfare centres, community centres and civic associations.



Who is eligible for the ICT Training Programme ?

Everyone is welcome from school children to senior citizens, housewives and unemployed. The Cyber Caravan aims at providing ICT education to people with little or no ICT Skills.


What is e-Government?

E-Government consists in the electronic delivery of quality services to citizens and the business community whilst at the same time facilitating inter-governmental and intra-governmental exchange of information in an effective and efficient manner.

Government Online Centre

What is the Government Online Centre?

The Government Online Centre (GOC) is one main component of the e-government initiative and is the key infrastructure which enables e-government. The GOC acts as an IT infrastructure service provider for government institutions to ensure 24*7*365 secure online government services to citizens, businesses and government.

ICT Operators

I have a business idea in the ICT sector and would like to start a venture, where do I start?

Having a business idea is a start - but you need proper planning before implementing the business idea. A business plan is important as it will help you look at the different aspects of business including financing, human resource, marketing, management of business and planning.

Where can I find a list of ICT operators in Mauritius?

The NCB has developed an Online Database of ICT operators in Mauritius to provide online and updated information on operators in the ICT sector in Mauritius.


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