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Infotech Rodrigues 2016 – 5th Edition

Start Time: August 05, 2016 09:00 | End Time: August 07, 2016 14:00
Location: Malabar
The National Computer Board (NCB) and the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation (MTCI), in collaboration with the Rodrigues Regional Assembly (RRA), have so far organized 4 editions of Infotech Rodrigues. The objectives of the event are to create more awareness on emerging technologies and to bring ICT closer to Rodriguans.
The Event
Venue: Malabar
The Exhibition will be held from 5 to 7 August 2016 and will be open to the public as follows:
• Friday 5 Aug: 09:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs
• Saturday 6 Aug : 09:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs
• Sunday 7 Aug : 09:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs
Entrance to Infotech Rodrigues is FREE and Free Bus shuttles will be provided on Sunday 7 Aug.
The main components of Infotech Rodrigues 2016 will comprise of the following:
• ICT Exhibition (ICT companies, including ISPs, operating in Mauritius and Rodrigues will be displaying their products and services);
• Innovation Space
• Promotion of ICT :
     o ICT Literacy - IC3 promotion;
     o ICT Literacy - IC3 promotion;
     o Promote training and work placement for the ICT/BPO sector (ISDP);
  • Mauritius Telecom
  • Courts Mammouth
  • Yasin Mobile Shop
  • Central Business Equipment
  • Fast Click
  • Log IN
  • VJ Computer
  • Qwerty Solutions Ltd
  • Leal Communications & Informatics
  • BIC Solutions Ltd
  • Keep Moving Consulting
  • Soft Skills Consultants (Mauritius) Ltd
  • Aberystwyth University Mauritius (Boston Campus Ltd)
  • Mauritius Post Ltd
  • National Computer Board
  • Mauritius Broadcasting Corporationg:

Sponsors for Infotech Rodrigues 2016

Mauritius Telecom
Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA)
Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) – Media Partner
FREE Bus Shuttles Routes on Sunday 7 Aug 2016

Trip 1 - Riviere Coco- Grand La Fouche Corail- La Ferme- Mangues- Quatre Vents- Petit Gabriel – Malabar and Back
Trip 2 - La Ferme- Baie Malgache- Baie du nord- Baie aux huitres- Port Mathurin- Malabar and Back
Trip 3 - Pte Coton- Roche Bon Dieu- Grande Montagne- Lataniers- Malabar and Back
Trip 4 - Gravier - Trois Soleil - Coromandel - Thammes - Grande Montagne –Nassola - Mont Lubin –Malabar and Back
Trip 5 - Riviere Coco- Mourouk- Songe - Pompee - St Gabriel- Malabar and Back
Trip 6 - Grand Bay - Terre Rouge - English Bay - Creve Coeur - Roseaux - Mont Lubin – Malabar and Back
Trip 7 - Camp Pintade - Baie Topaze - La Ferme - Grand La Fouche Corail - Marechal - Quatre Vent - Petit Gabriel – Citron Donis- Malabar and Back

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