Computer Clubs
Setting up of Computer Clubs on a regional basis has been done under the Community Empowerment Programme so as to bridge the “Digital Divide” through democratised access by providing free access to ICT tools and Internet.
The project has been sponsored by Microsoft for the setting up of computer clubs in Youth Centres and Women Centres; and by Mauritius Telecom Foundation for the other computer clubs.
Each Computer Club is equipped with around 3 Net PCs and free Internet access. A total of 264 Computer Clubs have been set up across the island in namely:
-           23 Youth Centres
-           17 Women Centres
-           124 Community Centres
-           57 Social Welfare Centres
-           20 Day Care Centres
-           23 NGOs/Municipal councils/Village Hall
An additional 10 Computer Clubs are in the setting up phase.
The list of computer clubs district wise can be found below: