Community Empowerment Programme
The Community Empowerment Programme (CEP) has as aim to empower the citizens of Mauritius in building an information society by enabling the creation and sharing of information and knowledge for community development. It is in line with the Government ambition to build an information society and promote development of local content.
The CEP has as objectives:
  • To facilitate the democratisation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in order to contribute in the alleviation of poverty within the community through the use of ICTs;
  • To develop a Community Web Portal with a view to encourage the development of local content and creativity;
  • To promote ICT for educational, personal and social development.
The CEP consists of the following:
§  Development of a Community Web Portal  
§  Setting up of Computer Clubs on a regional basis in Mauritius
§  Setting up of Learning Corners in Mauritius
§  Setting up of Learning Corners in Rodrigues
§  Public Internet Access Points