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National Computer Board

 Cyber Caravan

The NCB operates 2 Cyber Caravans which are used to democratise access to ICTs by providing basic ICT trainings to various segments of the community, on a regional basis.
The Cyber Caravans are equipped with laptops and broadband Internet and training is provided to the community at large according to the needs of people regardless of age, education background or profession.
The NCB reviewed its training programme to include The Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3), Microsoft Office Package (MOP), ICT Literacy Program (ICTLP), Initiation to Coding for the community and ICT Awareness for Senior Citizens.
As at 24 February 2020, 223,382 persons have followed the above training courses.
14,590 persons (incl. children, youngsters, students, women and unemployed) have been initiated on coding for the period July 2017 to date.


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