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National Computer Board

 ICT for SMEs Programme

“Launching of the Technology Awareness Programme for SMEs” on 19th June 2006
The National Computer Board is embarking on an ambitious ICT training programme which will be carried out over a period of one year and targeting SMEs. The programme was officially launched on 19th June 2006 at the Ebene Cyber Tower by Honourable Etienne Sinatambou, Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunications in the presence of Honourable Rajeshwar Jeetah, Minister of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce and Co-operatives.
The aim of the Technology Awareness Programme is,
a. to provide SMEs the necessary information and knowledge on ICT productivity tools and technologies
b. to promote the usage of new technologies for the creation of new entrepreneurial possibilities.
ICT enables improved business process efficiency and productivity. Businesses can reduce operational costs by decreasing material, procurement and transaction costs ending up in lower prices for intermediate and finished goods. Entrepreneurs can also acquire relevant additional information on how to improve the value of their output.
The National Computer Board last year organised three Technology Awareness Programmes for SMEs on the following themes: - "Open Source and IT Security", "Internet Search Engine and ICT Reporting Tools" and "Internet Keywords and Telephony".
The National Computer Board is renewing its empowerment programme initiative for SMEs this year and hence the Technology Awareness Programme. The programme comprising six sessions of six modules each will be run on a two-month interval. The modules will treat specific topics related to ICT development and its applicability to enterprise development.
The six modules will be as follows: -
a) ICT Productivity tools in business.
b) Networking for SMEs.
c) Effective use of Internet in business.
d) The new communications technologies.
e) Engaging in e-commerce: A guide for SMEs.
f) Brainstorming and personal queries.
The programme targets mainly SMEs operating in the non-ICT sector namely Agro-Based, Manufacturing, Handicraft and the Services sector.
It is expected that the SMEs would at the end of each programme, use the methodology and ICT solutions suggested during the intensive training programme in their enterprises to improve performance and productivity.
No fee for participation. For registration please call 217-1010 or 427-7761