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 Strategies and Objectives

E-Powering people through the promotion of ICT Culture
E-Powering businesses by promoting and developing the ICT industry
E-Powering the public sector by participating in e-Government initiatives


E-Powering People
The NCB spreads ICT literacy and creates awareness on applications and uses of ICT and in so doing contributes to build information society capable to drive the national objective of making of ICT a major pillar of the Mauritian economy.
Activities to create an Information Society include:

Promoting ICT literacy for the public
Promoting awareness on the benefits of ICT for improving the quality of life 
Promoting ICT for social development
In this context the NCB has launched a Cyber Caravan project to dispense ICT Awareness and IC3 Training programmes all over the island through its three caravans.
The Universal ICT Education Programme has also been implemented since September 2006 and aims at training a maximum number of individuals on the IC3 course.
A Phase II of the UIEP whereby more than 3000 Advanced Online Professional courses (both IT and non-IT) are being made available at very interesting prices to all those who complete the IC3 or already have a recognised certificate in IT has been launched since January 2010.
E-Powering Business
The NCB has developed an integrated approach for the promotion of Mauritius as a cyber island at regional and international levels, in coordination with other public and private organisations of the ICT sector. It supports the growth of the ICT industry by advising Government and implementing various strategies. In view to foster an ascending growth in the ICT sector, the NCB organises a host of activities which is focused on:

• Promoting entrepreneurship in ICT through its Technopreneurship Programme;
• Promoting the development of BPOs and ITES;
• Promoting the export market for ICT industry;
• Developing indicators to assess the development of the Information Society in Mauritius;
• Carrying out regular studies to assess the penetration and usage of ICT across the different economic sectors and households;
• Elaborating measures with regards to information security issues at the national level such as spamming; and
• Advising Government on policies and legal framework for the ICT sector.

The NCB organises ICT events through out the year so as to bring ICT closer to citizens. The NCB organises Infotech which is the largest ICT event in Mauritius where local and international exhibitors showcase the latest ICT trends.  Besides Infotech, the NCB organises ICT expo and Infotech Rodrigues. In addition to this, the NCB also organises the participation of local ICT operators in international ICT events like SECA which is among the largest ICT event in Europe.

In view to promote Mauritius as an ideal ICT destination, the NCB launched the ICT Export Portal and the Directory of ICT companies.
E-Powering the Public Sector
The NCB provides free hosting facilities and technical assistance for the development of websites and portals of Ministries and Government Departments. These websites are available on the Government Web Portal.
The NCB manages the Government Online Centre a key component of the e-Government initiative that is the main infrastructure enabling e-Government and ensuring the provision of secure government online services to citizens, businessmen and government bodies.

The GOC also provides Internet access and email facilities to employees of Ministries and Departments, offers web site publishing and hosting services and will host common and back-office applications of Ministries and Departments such as Registry, Stores, Personnel Systems, Labour Market Information System, Environment Information System, Central Population Database amongst others.