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National Computer Board


E - Powering Business

  • NCB ICT Incubator Centre
  • Technology Awareness Programme for SMEs
  • Sensitisation Programme on Entrepreneurship Development
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme for students
  • Infotech
  • Online Database of ICT Operators
  • ICT Export Portal
  • Mauritius Gateway Project
  • ICT Market Expansion Programme
  • Country Profile on potential export markets
  • ICT Indicators
  • Directory of ICT companies in Mauritius
  • Communication support to investors in ICT
  • Anti-Spamming Programme
  • Information Security Programme
  • National Internet Exchange Point (NIXP)
  • Computer Security Day
  • Advise Government on National policies and legal framework on ICT
  • Assist in the framing of national education, training and research plans in ICT

E - Powering People

  • IT Literacy and Awareness Programmes (Cyber Caravans)
  • Universal ICT Education Programme (Phase I: IC3 Training Phase II: Advanced Online Courses)
  • ICT Awareness Programmes on Radio and Television
  • Community Empowerment Programme

E - Powering the Public sector
    Managing the data centre of the Government
  • e-services to the public
  • Government web portal and Government sub portals
  • Hosting of Websites of Ministries and departments
  • Hosting of Websites of para-statal bodies
  • Design and development of websites
  • Government e-mail service
  • Government to Government System
  • Internet access on the Government Intranet Network Systems
  • Internet access to secondary schools and public libraries
  • Back Office applications for ministries and government departments